DataCare is no more but the core Storage Team is now PNP

After 19 years of excellent service, DataCare closed in April 2022 due to financial difficulties. I joined Mr. Suresh Shetty and DataCare in 2010 to lead the storage division and bring on board many new brands like QNAP, Synology, WD, Seagate and NComputing for whom we became the top integrator. When DataCare closed in April '22, it did not have to mean the end of our legacy. So, along with some key colleagues, I joined a company that had a similar vision for storage so that I could continue to offer the same product line with the same level of service.

You can reach me on the following if you have any sales inquiries

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Popular Tally Genicom and Printronix Ribbons in Dubai UAE

Tally 062471, Ribbon Cartridge (T2265/T2280)
Printronix 107675-001 Extended Life Spool Ribbon, 27M CHAR, 6-Pack (P5000 Text & OCR P5000)
Printronix 107675-007 Extended Life Spool Ribbon, 50M CHAR, 6-Pack (P5000 Text & OCR P5000)
Printronix 175220-001 Gold Series 2000 Ribbon, 12-Pack (P5000)
Printronix 179488-001 Specialty Label Ribbon, 6-Pack (P7000)
Printronix P7000 Spool Ribbons 179499-001
Printronix P7000/P8000 Cartridge Ribbons 255049-101
Printronix 255049-401 Standard Life Ribbon Cartridge, 4-Pack (P7000/P8000)
Printronix 255050-401 Extended Life HD Ribbon Cartridge, 4-Pack (P7000HD/8000HD)
Printronix 255542-401 Specialty Security Ribbon, 4-Pack (P7000/P8000)
Tally 6600/6800 Cartridge Ribbon 255661-101
Printronix 256449-401 Specialty Label Ribbon, 4-Pack (P7000/P8000)
Printronix S809/S828 Ribbons ( 25 Million chars exended life ribbon) 260059-002
S809/S828 Ribbons for speciality labels ( 22 Million chars ribbon) 260102-001
Printronix P7000/P8000 Cartridge Ribbons Economy 260310-101
Tally 6600/6800 Cartridge Ribbon- Economy Ribbon (EC) 260311-101
Printronix Ribbons for IBM Ricoh Inforprint 6500V printer 41U1680
Printronix 255048-401 Extended Life Ribbon Cartridge , 4-Pack (P7000/P8000)
TallyGenicom 255661-401 Ribbon Cartridge, STD LIFE, 4-Pack (6600/6800)
TallyGenicom 255670-401 Extended Life Ribbon Cartridge, 4-Pack (6600/6800)
TallyGenicom 255860-401 Specialty Security Ribbon, 4-Pack (6600/6800)
260062-001 Compatible Ribbon Cartridge, 25M Char, 10-Pack (TG 6200/6300)
Printronix 45U3895-PTX Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon, 4-Pack (Ricoh Infoprint 6500)
Printronix 45U3891-PTX Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon, Single-Pack (Ricoh Infoprint 6500)
Legacy Tally Genicom Ribbons (6300/6200) 86039
Tally Black Fabric Ribbon for 5040 Passbook Printers 43446
Tally MIP480-KA Black Ribbon Cartridge (MIP480)
Tally 044830 Ribbon Cartridge, 136 COL (2130/2340)