DataCare Dubai has closed down, but we picked up where they left. Read more

To Continue a Legacy

After 19 years of excellent service, DataCare closed in April 2022 due to financial difficulties. I joined Mr. Suresh Shetty and DataCare in 2010 to run the storage division and bring on board many new brands like QNAP, Synology, WD, Seagate and NComputing for whom we became the top integrator.

When DataCare closed in April '22, it did not have to mean the end of our legacy. So, along with some key colleagues, I joined a company that had a similar vision for storage so that I could continue to offer the same product line with the same level of service. 

Other than infortrend, we are able to offer all other brands .  You can reach me on the following if you have any sales inquiries

Akash Jain