LaCie 12Big is End of Production ; 6Big 96TB is the biggest capacity now

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Now that LaCie 12Big is officially ASL(As Stocks Last), there are no high capacities like 168TB and 120TB available in LaCie.

12Big was the only 12 bay model and since there is no direct replacement, it's understood that you can't get the same capacity with the now biggest 6Big ( Since 8Big has been end of life for some time)

What is the biggest Capacity in LaCie 6Big

The largest configuration in LaCie 6Big today is 96TB ( 16TB x 6). Since 18TB Ironwolf Pro and Exos drives are already out, we expect it to become available in 108TB soon. (STFK108000400 ? )

What about LaCie 12Big 120TB and 168TB

In LaCie, the highest capacity today is a 6Big 96TB. A Capacity like 168TB existed with 12Big owing to its 12 bays ( 12 x 14TB). Now since 6Big is the biggest model with 6 Bays, you would have to wait till the 20TB Drives are launched to see a 120TB Capacity. With Seagate HAMR claims it shouldn't be sooner than later that we see this happening.

  • 1Big Dock ( Upto 16TB)
  • 1Big Dock SSD Pro ( Upto 4TB)
  • 2Big RAID ( Upto 28TB)
  • 2Big Dock ( Upto 32TB)
  • 6Big ( Upto 96TB)

Worthwhile to note that competition like GTech's biggest capacities are also around 112TB ( with Gspeed Shuttle XL) still have GSpeed Shuttle XL ( 8 x 14TB). When WD upgrades Shuttle XL with 18TB drives, they will have a capacity of 144TB. Being 8 Bay, Shuttle XL will have about 35% more capacity using the same hard drives compared to LaCie 6Big.

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