Seagate X18 18TB drives are Launched

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Seagate Exos X18 platform is officially Launched in Middle East . There are 2 capacities in X18 platform - 16TB and 18TB. Both are Helium Filled CMR drives with MTBF of 2.5M hours , spinning at 7200 RPM. This is the highest capacity drives in the Exos fleet so far.

Standard Fast format models ship with 512e format but can be formatted to 4Kn by executing the FastFormat routine. ( ST18000NM000J, T16000NM000J in SATA and ST18000NM004J, ST16000NM004J in SAS).

Further SED encrypted models in SATA and SAS are available, while SED-FIPS encrypted models are available in SAS. These are non standard models and usually ordered back to back.

We Expect to have the stocks of Standard models by end of September

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