Seagate Ironwolf NAS drives

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Seagate NAS drives ( earlier known as NM drives) have a new avatar. They will be called IronWolf drives. Off course this is not just a re branding of existing product but a revamped product with many added features. These drives have just been launched and inventories are  probably a few weeks away, but what we already know about these drives is

  • We have capacities upto 10TB. This is the largest capacity available in hard drives in this segment (ST10000VN0004)
  • Dual Pane balance and RV sensors on 6,8,10TB drives for extra stability
  • Error Recovery Control for better RAID
  • Advanced power management
  • Upto 256MB Cache

Releasing a 10TB capacity has really upped the game in this segment. Typically the higher capacities are popular as they help NAS users conserve number of bays for future expansion.

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