Seagate ST16000NM002G vs ST16000NM004J

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TLDR :ST16000NM002G belongs to the X16 platform and ST16000NM004J belongs to the newere X18 platform with better transfer rates.

Seagate is discontinuing the 16TB drives on the X16 platform, which is understandable since they had 16TB on both the X16 and X18 platforms and that duplication had to go at some point. X18 and X16 are almost identical in terms of cache, MTBF and warranty, etc., but the transfer rates of X18 are slightly better. Since X18 is a newer platform, buyers should go for X18 if it is compatible with their device.

Here is a table showing Old and New part numbers

Old Part Number (X16 Platform)

New Part Number (X18 Platform)

Description Difference
ST16000NM001G ST16000NM000J 16TB Standard SATA X18 has marginally better transfer rate
ST16000NM003G ST16000NM001J 16TB SED SATA
ST16000NM002G ST16000NM004J 16TB Standard SAS
ST16000NM004G ST16000NM005J 16TB SED SAS
ST16000NM009G ST16000NM007J 16TB SED-FIPS SAS


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