Optimal Bandwidth for NComputing

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NComputing utilizes User eXtension Protocol (UXP), a very efficient, proprietary terminal services protocol that runs on top of the TCP/UDP/IP protocol. To ensure optimal performance and a good user experience over UXP, enough available bandwidth must be provisioned. Today most of the Networks in UAE are 1G compatible ( with many upgrading to 10G), if your network is 1G compatible it can easily support 100 L300 terminals. If you are still on 100 MBPS, you should consider upgrading. 


Bandwidth Usage
L-series access devices typically operate at low (<1 Mbps) bandwidth levels. However, if USB data transfer or multimedia streaming are taking place, the device’s network bandwidth usage will rise to reflect the increased load. The following table shows typical bandwidth usage under basic usage, while streaming multimedia, and while performing a USB data transfer.

Usage Scenario Typical Bandwidth in Mbps
Basic Office Apps                       0.3 Mbps
Multimedia ( with proper Codecs)    4 to 10 Mbps
USB transfers 8 Mbps
Recommended Provisioning 8 to 10 Mbps

Under typical load, 10-12 L300 devices can connect to a vSpace host over a single, dedicated 100 Mbps network path. If more devices are connected or if the network path is shared with other kinds of traffic, it must support gigabit traffic to avoid bottlenecking and packet loss. Nowadays most of the networks are 1G compatible, if yours is not, it's recommended to upgrade to 1G network to avoid network Congestion.Use at least one network card with gigabit capabilities on the Host computer, as well as gigabit network switches and routers, to connect to the L-series devices. This will help prevent bottlenecking and data loss, and improve connection stability.

Network Ports
The following ports are used for communication between the host PC and L-series access devices. To ensure functionality, make sure communication across the network is allowed for each.

Session Data (Input/Output and USB Communication) : TCP: 27605, 27615, 3581, 3597, 3645, and 3646
Management (Firmware Update, Server Identification, and Remote Configuration) : UDP: 1027, 1283, 3581

Best Lan Practices

  1.  Use a 1G Network backbone. Though L300 is 100MBPs , the path to host should be 1G to avoid bottlenecks and congestion
  2. If possible use separate NIC card /network path on host for ncomputing data. This way your other traffic like internet traffic, file transfer, email data etc will be on a separate path, and will prevent collision.
  3. Disable Jumbo Frames on your network.


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