ZFS Based QNAP QuTS Hero

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QNAP demonstrated the QuTS Hero Operating system in an Even in UAE in January, and now its officially launched.

QuTS Hero is an operating system/Firmware just like QTS but has the following extra features

  • It uses ZFS file system. RAID Z and data integrity is inherited from ZFS.
  • Inline Deduplication and Inline compression - again these may be inherited from ZFS. Since these are memory intesive tasks, QNAP has recommended minimum memore requirement for each.
  • Multi-level cache technology with both read and write boosts performance
  • Enhanced Multi user access

Data Integrity checks are built into ZFS. It can protect the data against Silent data corruptions by using a checksum or hash for each data block. If a blocks checksum value doesn't calculate to what it should be, it can heal the data, provided with enough redundancy.

RAID Z also are natively supported in QuTS Hero which are RAID levels in ZFS. You can have a triple parity for example with RAID Z3.

ZFS can do rebuild a RAID much faster since it only rebuilds that missing data. This is a feature that we are sure QuTS hero will have, but not yet confirmed from QNAP.

To get QuTS hero, you can either buy a license , or get it with a model Model which has QuTS Hero preinstalled, they have an h to indicate hero - like TS-h1283XU-RP, TS-h1277XU-RP, TS-h977XU.


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