RDX 1.5 TB Media Announced

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Tandberg Data announced the largest capacity RDX Tape yet ; 1.5TB . The new 1.5TB cartridge has 50 per cent more capacity over the next highest capacity cartridge. This makes Standard RDX media available in capacities ranging from 160GB to 1.5TB, while the solid-state disk media is available from 64GB to 512GB. In addition to traditional server and backup applications, the new 1.5TB RDX cartridge is ideal for usage in data-intensive environments, such as professional workflow and archiving.

RDX Media combines the best of Tape and Disk technology to proived the users fast  and random access to the media with drag and drop support while maintaining the reliability and removability of Tape media. We at DataCare LLC, keep full range of RDX Media.

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