Imation RDX Secure Media

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Imation RDX Media Secure is the world’s first removable RDX with built-in AES-256 data encryption.  It offers all the features of standard RDX media along with added encryption. RDX Media secure is especially useful for handling sensitive data like banks, finance and government where data security is important.

The encryption is seemless and is done via an access client software installed on the host machine. With an easy password the data is automatically encrypted and decrypted. Since the encryption and decryption is taken care by software, there is no special hardware requirement.

If the encryption client is not installed on the host machine, Media Secure behaves as a regular RDX media.

Imation RDX media Secure is available in capacities from 320GB to 1.5 TB

29110 RDX Media Secure, 1.5TB
28941 RDX Media Secure, 1TB
28947 RDX Media Secure, 500GB
28948 RDX Media Secure, 320GB

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