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Expiry Dates of LTO Ultrium Tapes

Sun, Feb 23, 20
This article covers the Expiry dates , and the limited lifetime warranty of the LTO ultrium tapes. Since there are no expiry dates mentioned on the carton, this always causes confusion on why there is no expiry , and is there actually a date before which the tapes are good to use ?

Protecting your Data Media with Turtle Cases and Fireproof Safes

Thu, Jan 23, 20
When you are backing up your data to the tape media, you are going to rely on it in case of a catastrophe. Its a no brainer that this media itself though rugged needs to be protected when it is in transit and where it is permanently stored.

Data Sanitization : What and how

Tue, Jan 21, 20
Data Sanitization has gained more importance in the recent years due to the increasing cases of data thefts and the financial and operation impact it may have on an organization that's impacted.  We look at what it is, why its important and ways to do it.

Tapes are NOT dead

Sun, Jan 19, 20
Its 2020 and tapes are still selling like they were in 2003 when we first started our company. The only thing that has actually changed is that we are not selling so many formats. From selling more than 10 formats( DDS, DLT/SDLT, SLR,QIC,8mm, AIT to name a few) everything has converged to LTO Ultrium, IBM 3592 RDX. Capacities have come a long way too, with the largest capacity today standing at 15TB native ( IBM JD) and 12TB native ( LTO-8) .