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Ncomputing Thin Clients based on Raspberry PI

Wed, Dec 30, 20
NComputing's huge success is largely thanks to their innovative vSpace virtualization software, and this is what separates them from several other thin client manufacturers. Using PI for their latest products is a wise decision, so NC can focus on their software leaving the hardware part to PI.

Optimal Number of users on 1 server : NComputing

Wed, Nov 13, 13
The number of users that can connect to a host without affecting user expreince depends on the intended application suites and their CPU, memory and storage utilization . As the number of demanding ap

Optimal Bandwidth for NComputing

Tue, Nov 05, 13
NComputing utilizes User eXtension Protocol (UXP), a very efficient, proprietary terminal services protocol that runs on top of the TCP/UDP/IP protocol. To ensure optimal performance and a good user e

NComputing Thin Clients : Why they make sense

Wed, Oct 09, 13
NComputing is a known for it's hardware and software to create virtual desktops which enable multiple users to simultaneously share a single operating system instance. This article discusses various b

Thin Computing with NComputing

Tue, Mar 19, 13
Thin computing is booming in large multi user environments today, offering huge cost savings, power savings, simpler management and easy deployment. A thin computing model is essentially a server and