QNAP Network Attached Storage with superior hardware is not only suitable as a backup and storage device, but can also be used for many other applications like a powerful server. We are the largest sub-distributor of QNAP for UAE and can provide you with various QNAP services such as

QNAP Tech Support Services

With QNAP certified technicians, we provide technical services such as

  • Initial installation and configuration of QNAP
  • Warranty Support for QNAP purchased from us
  • Spare parts trade for QNAP devices
  • Capacity Expansion of QNAP either via Scale-Out (if the expansion is supported) or Scale-Up (compatible hard drives with higher capacity)
  • Technical Troubleshooting for QNAP

QNAP Warranty Extension Services

For a device purchased within the last 6 months, there is an option to purchase a QNAP supported warranty extension.

For devices purchased more than 6 months ago or whose warranty period is about to expire, we offer an extended warranty supported by Data Care. This warranty is estimated based on the cost of replacement parts that normally fail and varies by model.

QNAP Tech Refresh and Data Migration

We offer a technical refresh for older devices. The old devices can be converted to offsite storage devices that provide an additional copy of the data. We also handle the complete migration of the old device to a new device.

QNAP Capacity Expansion

If your QNAP is out of capacity, we can help. We perform both scale-out (if you have some slots free or if your QNAP supports adding expansion units) and scale-up (changing the storage media to a higher capacity) of QNAP devices without jeopardizing your existing data.

QNAP Data Security Audit with the Recommended Best Practices

We also offer a best practices service for your QNAP devices, where we review your existing environment against best practices and suggest what you can do to make your device more secure. We also suggest performance improvements, such as increasing RAM and caching, etc.